Thursday, November 20, 2008

Washington 2.0 - Should Obama Follow Fenty?

...and keep the Blackberry? According to the NYTimes, he may not have a choice due to national security requirements for the Oval Office. According to Jonathan Alter at Newsweek, President-Elect Obama must stay engaged and wired to a variety of opinions via a smartphone or laptop in his new office. According to the popular argument, no President should have an e-mail account, because it can be hacked. Wait a minute, won't the new Technology Czar/CTO take care of that network security concern? That could be a first pass for CTO candidates - provide a plan whereby President-Elect Obama could keep an e-mail account while in the Oval Office. I guess it is a minor win that he will have a desktop computer in his new office on Pennsylvania Avenue. Any bets on whether or not it is a Mac?

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